Sunday, June 6, 2010

Early Morning Haircut

Paul and I are feeling quite proud of ourselves. This year we set a goal to plant our first vegetable garden, and today we performed our first haircut (harvest) on the salad garden. Paul was especially proud that I didn't scream when the spider (who by the way was as big as a horse) ran over my foot, and how diplomatic I was with the slug (who could have easily been Jaba the Hut's twin) when I escorted it off the property. Feel like starting your own garden? All it takes is a little time, and these three steps:

Step 1: Don't get mired down in details (like spending the entire summer planning the perfect garden layout, or concocting the perfect raised bed container, or building defenses against all possible intruders such as deer, raccoons, birds, slugs, and neighborhood kids). Just dig up the sod, flip it over, and stack.

Step 2: Fill the beds with potting soil and plants.

Step 3: Cut and enjoy!

Now all that's left to do is rinse, and repeat!