Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sometimes the laundry is just the laundry...

About three weeks ago I washed a couple loads of laundry, and promptly forgot about them.  Okay, I didn't "forget" about them (since I saw them every time I went down to do a load of laundry) but for some reason I didn't want to fold this particular pile clothes and put them away.  That pile sat in the basement for about a week waiting before I got the bright idea to bring the basket upstairs and put it on the couch.  I mean if it's on the couch then I couldn't forget about it, right?  Right!  However, I found that I could ignore it.  Not only ignore it -- I could come to resent it, loathe it, and make it the poster child for everything wrong with my life!

There are three other people (men!) in this house, and they bore brunt of my fierce, albeit silent, resentment.  How can they miss the big blue clothes basket filled with their clothes!  Their clothes!  They weren't even mine!  Why do I have to take care of them?  Sure -- move the basket to the floor so you can sit on the couch, and then leave it there so I have to walk over and put the basket right back up on the couch for you to ignore all over again!  Typical!  Where's your shirt?!  Yes, please pick out the shirt you're looking for (and only the shirt you're looking for) out of the basket, and leave everything else.

Okay, that's it!  I'm tired of being taken for granted!  I'm tired of being pushed around!  I'm not touching that pile!  It can stay there forever for all I care!

In my case "forever" turned out to be about three weeks.  I guess I showed them!  They're gonna think twice before trying to take me for granted!  Now if only they'd take care of the other side of the room...

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've posted anything.  I've been busy, and could have blogged about many things but for some reason I didn't.  Well that's not entirely true.  I know I didn't because I'm pretty sure no one is reading my blog so I thought why go through all the trouble?  And I know the answer to that question.  This blog isn't really about how many people read my posts -- it's about me appreciating my life, my interests and talents, and maybe my need to account for what I do with my day so I have something to tell people when they ask "what have you been up to"?

So what have I been up to?  Well, babies have been born so blankets have been crocheted, family has been enjoyed (sometimes endured) and entertained, vacations have been taken.  I was able to tick off a couple more items on my list of things to do before I turned 50, and presented a five minute talk at the Tacoma Art Museum.

Okay, so that's about it for the catch-up.  Talk to you soon!