Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I heart my Dentist!

One of the perks being married to Paul is his wonderful dentist, Dr. Giesy. He's young (er than me!), accomplished (has won several awards, and also lectures around the country) and he puts up with my general fear and hatred of all things dental. In fact, it kind of amuses him. I'm just back from my twice yearly cleaning of my pearly yellows, and we had our usual chuckle over my desire to replace these sad old teeth with some snow white dentures. I guess after ten years I should just give up the fight.

So as I leave I stop to chat with Sherri and Sandy, make my next appointment, and Sherri hands me my reminder card (which I always lose) and says here's a little something for you from us to show you how much we enjoy you and your family. Now how sweet is that? Click here for contact info if you're looking for a really good dentist.


  1. I can't stand our dentist, good to know about a good one!
    (That is, if we stay in Tacoma--will I have to qualify all of my comments with that from now on?)

  2. Yes, unfortunately I guess you will. Of course Trevor could commute. Paul takes the train, and it goes to downtown Seattle somewhere. Of course it makes for a long day. Paul is lucky to get home by 6:30 most days.

  3. I didn't realize Paul commuted to Seattle, for some reason I thought he worked in Federal Way. hmm.