Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cut it off, Missy!

A couple months ago I posted a list of things I want to do before I turn 50. Well, today I get to cross an item off the list -- I had my hair cut super short!

Anna had the honor of cutting off my ragged mane of hair. I sent her pictures of what I was looking for, but other than that it was up to her to create a style for me. She said it was the most fun she's had in a while.
Along with my new hairstyle (which I love!) I also inherited a container of moulding gesso, and sea salt primer. Anna made it look easy, but I'm a little nervous on how to apply these products to my hair!

So, Item 1 accomplished -- karaoke next? Who is with me?


  1. Ann you look beautiful, I love your new hair sytle. Karaoke, didn't we do that in 6th grade?
    Country Roads Take Me Home. lol

  2. Okay. So, I'm sure this is the 10th time I've said this. But I REALLY like the haircut. I know Anna offers free bang trims and you should take her up on it. I mean, look at those eyes!