Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Getting Started

My son has perfected the subtle eye-roll. It's a maneuver he saves for the times when I try to convince him that I used to be an expert in something that has grown way beyond my ability to comprehend -- like the computer. I remember back in the good old days (you know 1982-ish,) when computers were bigger than today's carry-on luggage, and the term floppy disk could be used without a smirk. Well, that was the last time I could be considered a whiz on computers.

I've been working on setting up this blog on and off all day. As I struggled along I could imagine my son politely nodding, murmuring encouragements, and every so slightly rolling his eyes as I bore him with tales of my past computer prowess. Well for better or worse this is it. I look forward to sharing my adventures, and hopefully hearing about yours.



  1. I look forward to reading this (sans comments from Fredo, Thorax O'Toole, and NINachos!)

  2. Haha I guess I do the eye roll without realizing it now XD

    This blog is awesome, I'm really excited about it.