Sunday, April 11, 2010

What a beautiful day for a dri-...hey, is he throwing those chairs out?

Okay, probably longest title ever but seriously that's what happened. Paul has been working like a fiend on our sod containers, and we needed some advice on where to get the potting soil. Off we went to Garden Sphere where they kindly (and correctly) figured out we needed just under 3 cubic yards, and wrote an estimate for bagged soil (with a generous 15% discount) that landed us in the "I'm sorry what did you say?" range of over $300. As an alternative he whipped out a price sheet for H&B Topsoils where we can buy soil in bulk.

So as we're leaving I say to Paul -- hey, let's take another look-see at that house with the sod garden containers and away we drove. Now, I remembered the house was on 35th, but I couldn't remember the cross street, so a left we took and after traveling a couple blocks I say to Paul, what a beautiful day for a dri-..hey, is he throwing those chairs out? Paul quickly said no, hoping to stop me from doing exactly what I did which was make a quick U-turn to take another peek. There was this lovely man, Mike, placing two more chairs on the curb. He said he and the missus were downsizing, and they just wanted to get rid of some stuff. I asked how much for the chairs, and he said well they're free AND there's a dining table to go with it! I looked at Paul and asked, can we take them, and he (once again trying to stop me) said oh, I don't think they'll fit in our car but guess what? They did!

Of course one of the chairs is cracked and needs repair, a table leg was wobbly (stripped screw), and the laminate is coming up at the center seam. Lucky for me I have a very handy husband, and a tablecloth!

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