Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello Hello Walla Walla!

I love old motels. It's probably because it reminds me of the vacations my family would take when I was a kid. My dad would insist on an early start, and I always imagined we were the only one in the world driving the roads at that time. Most of the time we camped but if we were very lucky my dad would pull into a Travel Lodge or better yet a Holiday Inn. We'd get to sleep in a real bed dreaming of the next morning when we got to eat our cereal out of individual boxes and go swimming in the courtyard pool.

This was my first time to Walla Walla. We could have stayed in a fancy B&B or hotel but I never feel comfortable there -- too fussy. I found the Capri Motel online, and it's perfect. Clean, quiet, and it's run by an old couple who live on site. The man who checked us in last night was full of helpful information of where to go for dinner. Their little dog sat quiet in the doorway while the TV blared the evening news in the background. Walking into our room I breathed in that air conditioned cold smell that was blessedly free of stale smoke and pine air freshener. We had a comfortable night sleep and were greeting this morning as we left for breakfast by the woman who cleans the rooms. She was surprised to hear that we were happy to reuse our towels, perfectly capable of making our own beds, and the only service we'd need was another packet of their delicious (never hurts to be polite) brown stuff they call coffee grounds. When we returned later today we were amused to find the packet of coffee sitting on the air conditioner unit OUTSIDE of our room. I suppose we should have asked that she leave it inside on the counter next to the coffee machine!

Hope you enjoy these pictures of our stately suite!

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