Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tooling around town

We had a lovely day yesterday. Rode our bikes all over, explored the city park, had a great cup of coffee and scone. I made Paul do a few cutsie-tourist type photos, and then we were off to the Evergreen Flight and Space Museums. We love that sort of activity, and spent about four hours looking over all the exhibits.

Afterwards we went to a winery in Carlton called Anne Amie. The location was lovely -- as picturesque as I had imagined a winery to be. The wines were nice, and we actually purchased some whites!! Then we were off to downtown Carlton to check out Tyrus Evans tasting room. The lady at Anne Amie suggested it when I told her we prefer big reds. Tyrus Evans tasting room was set up in the old train depot in Historic Downtown Carlton. Unfortunately we didn't snap any photos (our brains were getting a little fuzzy). In our defense it was 4:oo, and other than a scone we hadn't eaten all day . Back to McMinnville we went, parked the car and rode our bikes to Golden Valley Brewery for an early dinner. I read they brewed their own beer and thought Paul might enjoy it. They also make their house wine, and the red I had was pretty decent (especially at $5 a glass). They raise their own beef and veggies which is impressive. All in all a very nice place to go.

What a great day, but my puppies were barking something fierce so it's another early night for us. We'll need the rest for our next adventure: Lincoln City!!

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