Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Idaho Day Trip

I've been coming to the cabin at Pend Orielle for about 12 years now. It's nine miles from Schweitzer Ski Resort, and while others have taken advantage of the spectacular views, hiking, berry picking, and the cool air for some reason I never have. That is until yesterday. I was feeling pretty lazy when I woke up, and thought maybe we could lounge around town to stroll around Sandpoint's historic downtown shopping area (all two blocks of it) instead of packing the car, and driving to the cabin. Not sure why I thought that would be fun, it really hasn't changed that much since I starting coming to Idaho. Paul suggested maybe we could go to Schweitzer Ski Resort, and look around there. Hmm, why not? The mountain was pretty, and had wonderful views of the lake, which unfortunately was shrouded in a haze. It was fun to walk around the lodge grounds, and watch the children attending their summer camp climb rock walls, bungee cord jump and gleefully shrieking as kids do. Paul very bravely agreed to accompany me on a ride up the chair lift (I've never ridden on one -- they're fun!) even though he detests heights. I'm afraid he missed the ride down (his eyes were closed most of the way) so I took lots of pictures for him to look at later. Speaking of which, instead of spending hours transferring photos today, I'll leave you this link instead. You can view yesterdays pics, and the rest of Paul's facebook photo album.

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