Monday, August 31, 2009

Summer Pottery Sale

For the third year Susan generously opened her house to several of her pottery pals for our very successful summer sale. (combined sales just over $3,200) Every year I promise myself I will make some new items, and every year I end up selling my old stock. I'll have to make some stuff eventually or else I won't be able to participate. I did all right this year (considering my very limited inventory) and have tucked the money away for an extruder I hope to buy next year. Here's some pictures:

Susan's packed dining room.

That's my table with the blue tablecloth.

And I had a few pieces on the second's table.

Charan chats with some customers.

The heart of the operation! Jill tallies up the sales, Kazumi wraps the purchases, and Susan keeps the music going.

Jill's Barney needs some loving.

I was surprised how sad I was to sell the very first mosaic I had made.

Time to relax!

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