Monday, August 31, 2009

Murano's Bite

I confess: Paul and I eat for our entertainment. Can you blame us? There really are quite a few good places in Tacoma to chose from. We were looking for some place new, and remembered hearing good things about Murano's Bite so off we went.

Now, I love a good Manhattan, and they are hard to find, let me tell you. Bartenders either forget about bitters and vermouth, or they dump in some juice from the marachino cherries, or (worse case scenario, and I'm talking to you McMenamins!) they add cherry liquor. The Bite's Manhattan was just right, cold, smokey, slightly Paul ordered a Scotch, and was soon enjoying some Dewar's (evidently their house brand).
The food was good too. Not great, but good. Paul had Chicken Ceasar Salad, and I had their organic chicken something. Okay, okay, yes, obviously I liked my chicken, but I'm not convinced our dinner was worth the bill -- with drinks, dinner, and tip it was over $75.
That's a pretty fancy evening for us. I'm not sure we'll be back for dinner, but we couldn't help but be tempted by their lobby bar. Beautifully decorated and so inviting, maybe we'll go back with some friends for their Thursday night all night happy hour. Anyone interested?

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  1. The lobby bar at Murano is one of my favorite barrs for ambience around town. Good people watching too during the middle of the week when there are conventions going on. We'll go with you anytime!