Sunday, March 14, 2010

Brunch with the Boys

Paul and I rarely get up to Seattle, but when we do we like to get together with the boys. We started out with coffee at Top Pot in Capitol Hill, took a nice stroll around the neighborhood and ended up at Volunteer Park Cafe for lunch. The cafe was awesome, kind of a cross b
etween Antiques and Rosewood. It's just the kind of place I'd like to have if I ever owned a cafe, snuggled in a residential area where patrons walked, biked, or drove by for a bite. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and are right outside of Volunteer Park with the arboretum and Asian Art Museum which was our next stop. There was an exhibit of Japanese motifs that I was hoping to see, but unfortunately it was closed so they could set up for the next showing of Japanese woodblock prints in April. Oh, poor me -- I guess I'll have to make another trip out to Capitol Hill, and I suppose I could force myself to have another bite at the cafe.

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