Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paul's Pale Ale

Saturday Paul bottled his very-first-batch-made-from-scratch beer where he got to play with all his new toys:  the gigantic stainless steel pot his kids gave him, the gas burner (a birthday present from me), his new copper cooling coil, and today some special spring loaded attachment to help him fill the beer bottles.  His excitement is contagious I must say.  I get to make the next batch of beer but I'm not sure what I'll make.  I prefer stouts and Paul does not.  I'll have to think of something we both can drink since one recipe makes over 60 bottles, and I usually have 4 or 5 bottles of beer a year!  Maybe an amber?  Hmm...

There it is!  A carboy full of beer!  
Paul added hops to soak in the brew for a week (called dry hopping). 

The floating tube measure specific gravity.  
Used to figure the alcohol content in the beer.

Draining the carboy.  
Paul uses the white bucket for bottling (see the spigot?).

Paul is very patient with me.  I keep asking him to stop, turn, and smile.

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