Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Date with my Mom

My mom and I went out to lunch and then snagged a movie at the Grand. Our plan was to eat at Galanga, but who could find a parking spot? We ended up at Seven Oh One (formerly Capers) and our lunch was very tasty. When we arrived at the Grand it was still too early so we forced ourselves (oh, so hard) to go around the corner to Corina Bakery for a slice of Red Velvet cake which we shared -- yum! We saw Is Anybody There? and we both thought the movie was...well it was a good excuse to spend some time together. Now don't get me wrong -- we enjoyed the movie, but it was a little too slow for me, and too "English" for my mom.

My mom was a good sport about me snapping all the pictures of her. I'm going to assume the, uh, finger situation on one of the pics was accidental.

Today was a lot of fun -- thanks for the date mom!

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