Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Half Hour, I Promise!

A half hour Paul said. That's all he would need to do some weeding in the front bed. I thought, hmm, half hour -- I could thin out the front maple. Of course a half hour turned into two hours, but we made some good progress. Paul has 95% of the weeding done. I thinned the maple, rhododendron, and cleaned up a bunch of plants. I also hacked away at my nemesis the burning bush. I don't know the correct name, but I call it the burning bush. In the summertime it's thick and green with tiny yellow flowers -- beautiful. In the early fall the leaves turn blood red -- beautiful. Then in the late fall through the winter it's a bunch of twigs -- not so beautiful. I never knew what to do with the bush so I've let it go. It was about four feet in diameter when Paul and I married, and now it's about eight feet in diameter so I'm slowly trimming it back.

Now that so much of the bed is cleaned up we'll have to find some plants to fill in the gaps. It was amazing to see the bleeding hearts coming back. Anne and Lisa gave them to me for Mother's Day about eight years ago, and I haven't seen them for about six years. Even the Jack in the Pulpit I planted around the same time has reappeared. There's a mystery plant that we'll let live another week before we decide if it's a plant or a weed.

We're making some progress on our yard one weekend at a time. Maybe this will be the year when we finally put a retaining wall around the bed.

Paul models for the camera.

And after!

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