Friday, May 15, 2009

Tacoma Wine Pundits

Last night's gathering of the Tacoma Wine Pundits met at Rosewood Cafe. Paul and I found Jennevieve and Trevor already seated, and we quickly called the meeting to order over a bottle of Famega something or other verde (sorry Jennevieve) from Argentina (I think). Wait a minute, wait a minute...okay, just googled it: Famega Vinho Verde, a 2006 wine from Portugal. It was light, crisp, brisk, refreshing, and...white. I'm not a fan of white wines, and this wasn't going to pry me from the dark side but it's always good to try something new.

Heather and Rick arrived just in time to finish off the Famega, and dig into the "peasant plate" appetizer. Heather and I went to the wine racks to pick our next bottle to sample and decided on a 2006 Clos LaChance Meritage Red.

Jennevieve and Trevor selected the next bottle, a 2006 Cuillin Hills Columbia Valley Red Wine called Riff-Raff.

Dave arrived as we were finishing off the Riff-Raff and opening a bottle of Pont 21, a 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon from Coates Winery , Tacoma's first winery recently featured in The Tribune. We ended the evening with another bottle of the Meritage Red, which was voted the favorite wine of the evening.

It was a fun night, filled with some good food, friends, conversation and of course wine. I can't wait until next month. We're going back to Pour at 4 where they are kindly putting together a wine tasting night for us.

There's always another chair we can pull up to the table, so let us know if you're interested in joining us!


  1. Hey Ann, you might have missed it, but I think we decided to have the next one at Heather and Rick's and then the one after that at my and Trevor's and then maybe after that go back to Pour at Four! Maybe we'll have to squeeze in two in one month. I know that would be hard for everyone, drinking twice in one month! (Did you post these to the group on facebook?)

  2. I did miss that. I was concentrating on my wine drinking. I did post it on the Pundits page. I'll make a note the location may be different.