Monday, May 18, 2009


I went walking with my friend Heather this morning. Just a quick outing around the neighborhood -- it was probably a mile. We were walking down a hill, and somehow my foot slide off the sidewalk into the ornamental stone that filled the area between the sidewalk and the curb, and down I went -- knees, then stomach, then hands. Hard. Other than some road rash I didn't think I was hurt ( just embarrassed) but by the time the walk was over there was a knot on my arm, and it was starting to hurt so just to be safe I went to my doctor.

Good news -- nothing broken. Bad new -- I'm gonna be sore tomorrow. Got a tetanus shot, my road rash was cleaned, the doc and I had a good laugh about the hazards of exercise, and now I'm resting.

[sigh] I am such a klutz!


  1. When you fell, I was imagining broken chin, nose, and cheekbones. It was intense. I'm so relieved that you are okay. And you are quite the trooper to continue the walk after that. I think I would have wanted to head straight back home.

  2. OK, now that you know you are okay, I can tell you a story about my mom. One time she was walking on a railroad track with a friend (this was when she was an a dult and should have known better) and she tripped and broke her jaw! I don't go anywhere near railroad tracks now. But I guess you can't avoid sidewalks....