Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Picture Perfect

Lynn Di Nino is a master dreamer of projects, and she has the world's largest Rolodex in her head. She's been bringing people, art, and projects together for years. Her latest is the Tacoma Postcard Project, of which I'm a happy participant. There are currently 14 cards in the series all produced by local artists. Any monies received from the sale of the postcards to the retailers will be donated to a charity. We haven't officially picked the charity yet, but I think it will be The Emergency Food Network. Pretty appropriate since I'm sure most of us have been (or currently are) starving artists! So far three retailers have bought a selection, or all of the series in the Tacoma Postcard Project:
The Art Stop, 940 Broadway (inside LeRoy Jewelers)
BKB Gallery, 1734 Pacific Avenue (near UW Bookstore)
Tacoma Art Supply, 1552 Commerce Street (near Tollefson Square)

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